Skunk2 K Series Tuner Drop-In Camshaft 305-05-7000

Skunk2 K Series Tuner Drop-In Camshaft 305-05-7000

Skunk2 Ultra Series Honda/Acura K20A3 & K24A1/ A3/ A4/ A8 DOHC i-VTEC Drop In D1 Cam Shafts

Skunk2 Racing's "Drop-In" Camshafts are designed as a performance upgrade to stock or near stock vehicles running the 3 Lobe VTEC K20A/ K20A2/ K20Z1/ K20Z3 and K24A2 engines or cylinder heads. These camshafts will outperform the stock camshaft from idle to redline with no loss in drivability. DIC's are compatible with stock valve springs and retainers; however, a valve spring upgrade can always be considered beneficial.


These Camshafts are "Drop-In" type camshafts - This only means that they do not require the use of aftermarket valvetrain components. A professional tune is highly recommended to ensure proper idle, air/fuel ratio, and peak performance. Proper installation is still necessary to achieve optimal performance gains.

Pro XP Valve springs (P/N 311-05-7380) + Titanium Retainers (P/N 308-05-0410) are recommended when using these camshafts in Forced Induction Application.



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